ISO 13485 certification

IRCA certification and approval

IRCA, which stands for International Register of Certificated Auditors is the world's original and largest international auditor certification body

It offers various schemes to approve certified auditors primarily interested in working for 3rd party certification bodies or Registrars. The schemes involve:

  • Taking IRCA approved training courses, which are usually in the form of week long seminars costing in the range of $1800 to $3000,
  • Having Educational Qualifications such as Bachelor Degrees in the area the auditor wants to be qualified for,
  • Having extensive and verifiable Work experience in the industry targeted,
  • Conducting a certain number of audits as an observer, then as a provisional auditor, and then as an auditor. This requires maintaining very accurate logs co-signed by certified auditors and lead Auditors,
  • And maintaining a minimal of Yearly Continuing education (CPD).

  • Application procedures and fees are required to to go through this process. You can download all the IRCA requirements in details.

    All in all becoming an IRCA certified Lead Auditor, is very prestigious should you want to work for a Registrar. However, the training is very costly , the application process is very complex and costly, and to move from the initial observer, Provisional Auditor, Auditor and Lead Auditor, is a very lengthy process (it will take years). You will need to know auditors or organisations that will accept to provide you with the auditing experience. Also the yearly renewals or upgrades of your credentials, which require providing verifiable audit logs, CPD, and fees are very burdensome if you do not audit regularly with certified Auditors.

    For conducting internal audits and supplier audits, IRCA certifications are overkill and very very difficult to achieve AND maintain.

    For this reason, CALISO developed its own approval scheme, which is much more adapted for 1st party (interna audit) and 2nd party (supllier audit) auditor. (non Registrars) Call us, should you need further advice on obtaining adequate training for auditing to the various standards and regulations. the process.  Or contact us by phone 1-800-306-1366 or e-mail: should you need more information. 

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