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CALISO provides a free job search resource for all its online training customers:

This is an additional FREE service for ALL our online training clients that are looking for job opportunities in:

Job Search

You can enter your resumé that will be displayed and searchable by our corporate clients. We will also regularly be informing companies of the availability of this database of trained job seekers.

To enter your resumé, login at the following link, with the user ID and password you used to take your course.

  • Enter the geographical area where you are seeking a job
  • Enter the position you are seeking
  • Enter your resumé and email contact information
  • Verify your information and click on the submit button
  • You can at any time log back in the same liink to update or delete the information
  • In entering your information always follow the online safety tips explained in and in order to protect your privacy and not put yourself at risk of online fraud
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