ISO 13485 certification

Affiliate program

If you have a website that sells management consulting, training, eLearning, or educational services, you can earn 23% on all sales of CALISO online training courses you offer on your website.  We will provide you with a Special Link, class descriptions and logos for each training class you will host. The links will automatically track sales coming from your website. A good exemple of such an affiliate relationship is with SAE International the creator of AS9100 aerospace quality management standard. Provided you have good traffic to your website and you can advertise the courses on your home pages, the course will sell very well because there is tremendous demand for them.

For an online training course sale to be eligible to earn a referral fee pursuant to our Affiliate Agreement, the customer must follow a Special Link from your site to our site, select and purchase the online training class using our automated ordering system, accept service, and remit full payment to us.

Quality of our our courses:

We are very proud of the quality of our online training program, it has taken years of development with the help of leading industry experts and consultants.   Our clients list includes HP, Baxter Healthcare, Philips, Bayer, the FDA, Dell, Philips Medical Systems, Boeing, Sun Microsystems, 3Com, Lucent, Marconi, and CISCO.  Our rate of repeat customers taking a second online training class or registering more members of their organizations is very high.  This is our ultimate validation of customer satisfaction with the online training classes.

Growth Opportunity:

The market for low cost online training is growing rapidly. Organizations have more and more difficulties affording the high cost of specialized training, and it is getting more and more difficult to immobilize a group of employees in a class for a day or two. You therefore have the opportunity to generate substantial revenue for your organization through your website and also provide quality online training courses for your website visitors and customers.

ISO Training growth

CALISO services:

We will process online training class orders placed by customers who follow special links from your site to our site. We reserve the right to reject orders that do not comply with any requirements that we periodically may establish. We will be responsible for all aspects of service delivery and fulfillment. Among other things, we will process payments, cancellations, and refunds; and handle customer service. We will track sales made to customers who purchase online classes using special links from your site to our site and will make available to you reports summarizing this sales activity. 

In order to enroll in this program, you will need to send us a signed Affiliate Agreement, and meet the following requiremnts:

-You home page has a PR3 google rank or more.

-You have more than 50 unique visitors per day to your website.

-Your website is relevant to selling the CALISO courses.

-You put links to your online course pages on your home page.

NOTE: CALISO will be able to verify that your website meets these requirements.

If you reside or conduct business in the United Sates as an individual or sole proprietorship you will also need to send us a W-9 Form. We are required by law to provide you and the IRS with a Form1099 at year-end with the amount of payments provided to you if they equal or exceed $600. Corporations are exempt from submitting a W-9 and will not receive a Form1099 at year end. 

-CALISO will provide the pages you will post on your website with tracking mechanisms in all the registration links.

-CALISO will manage all registrations, training devilvery and customer support.

-Every month you will receive payment for 23% of all online courses sold through your website.

You can download the Affiliate Agreement and W-9 Form review, complete and fax them to us at eFax: 1-509-756-6053 to initiate the process.  Or contact us by phone 1-800-306-1366 or e-mail: should you need more information.