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CALISO - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Will registrars recognize this course as a credential to become a third-party lead auditor?
No. The CALISO courses offered by SAE International are intended for those who implement and/or perform internal audits within their company.

Do the courses have prerequisites?
Only auditor courses have prerequisites. Learners need to take the standard/training course before taking the auditor course. Therefore, it is recommended to take the lead auditor courses, which incorporate both standard training and auditing to the standard.

What is the difference between the standard, auditor, and lead auditor courses?
The standard/training course covers the requirements of the standard. The auditor course focuses on case studies on internal auditing to the standard. The lead auditor course is a combination of the standard and auditor courses, plus added content. 

Are the standards provided with the courses?
Most CALISO courses provide licensed excerpts of the applicable standards that are view only. Printing or copying of the standards’ material is a violation of copyright. While not a requirement for course purchase, it's recommended that you purchase the full standard to reference as you progress through the course to help ensure context, retention, and recall. ISO standards may be be purchased from ANSI at The IATF 16949:2016 Standard is required while taking the course and can be purchased from AIAG at

What is the access period (time limit) for completing the course?
Each course has a one-year access period from the date of purchase. You must finish all course requirements and retrieve your certificate of completion within that period. 

Can I access a course sample?
Due to limitations on distribution of the standard, we do not provide samples.

Can I go back to look at the training slides or quizzes once I finish the course?
No, once you complete the course, you will only be able to access your certificate. We recommend you take notes as you progress..

What should I do if I receive a message that my course session has ended?
This occurs when you are idle more than 25 minutes on any given course page. Close the browser and relaunch the course.

What should I do if I receive an error when I submit my first quiz question?
Please check your browser settings to allow third party cookies.

What should I do if I believe the course is not scoring properly?
Please be aware that the scoring in the courses is cumulative based on the total number of questions you've answered correctly compared to the number of questions you've answered. Because of this, you may see significant scoring jumps in the beginning of the course based on your answer selections.
If you believe a particular question is scoring incorrectly, take a screenshot of the response you believe to be correct and send it to for review.


Registration Questions

How do I register for a course?
You can register from individual course pages or by phone (1-877-606-7323; +1 724-776-4970 outside the U.S. and Canada). You may also request a quote for quantities of 10 or more by emailing

How do I register someone other than myself?
Anyone can make the registration purchase. The buyer will receive an email with the corresponding user name(s) and password(s). These can be distributed among your learners. Each learner will complete a sign-up registration process, allocating the registration to his or her name and email address.

How quickly do I receive the login and password information to start the course?
This will vary depending on method of payment. You will receive the email containing the sign-up information more quickly by registering online using a credit card for payment. Payment by purchase order could take up to two business days depending on the time zone. Concerns about sign-up confirmation can be sent to

How long will it take me to complete the course?
You can find the average length on the specific course description page. We recommend that students work on the class for about two hours each day to ensure continuity, completion, and retention.

How do I progress through the course?
Follow the onscreen prompts and progressive quizzes as presente;, your progress will be tracked throughout.

What happens if my progressive quiz and completion score at the end of the course is lower than 70%?
Each course contains a progressive quiz that reinforces key concepts. If your score is lower than 70%, you will be provided an opportunity to take a final exam. You must answer all the questions on the final exam in one sitting. If you earn lower than 70% on the final exam, please contact

Do you provide certificates of completion?
Yes, after you have successfully completed the course with a score of 70% or higher on the progressive quiz or final exam, you will be given the option to view and print your certificate of completion. You can log in to your account for up to one year after purchase to reprint your certificate.

How can I switch to another course if I discovered I am registered for the wrong course?
If you purchased the course within the last 30 days and have completed no more than 10%, please send an email to to inform us which course you’re currently registered in and which course you would like to register for. Upon verification of your progress, we will consider your request and respond.  


Payment Questions

What forms of payment are accepted for registration purchase?
Payment by credit card (American Express, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover) is preferred. Purchase orders and payments by check are also accepted. Please contact for more information.

I tried to register for a course, but my credit card was rejected. What do I do?
Make sure that the address and zip code entered match the ones on the credit card billing statement. As an alternative payment method, if you are an established corporation, you can send a purchase order to SAE International at . If you prefer to speak with a customer service representative, call SAE International at 1-877-606-7323 (U.S. and Canada only) or 1-724-776-4970 (Outside U.S. and Canada).

What kind of discount can I get for group purchases?
A 15% discount is offered for those registering 10 or more learners. For orders over 20, you may qualify for a special corporate discount by sending an email to

Will my private information be securely stored and not shared?
Your private information will be protected and not shared with any third party. We will use your email to communicate with you regarding the course and any updates. To view the SAE Privacy Policy (, scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on “Legal & Policies” under “About SAE,” then select “Privacy Policy” on the blue ribbon bar.

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